Paper Converting Blades and Knives

Paper converting is the process in which large rolls of paper are resized to manufacture products that consumers are able to use. In the paper conversion industry, having quality, smooth-running machines is essential in reducing downtime. It is important to have an industrial knife with an exceptional cutting edge, hardness, and quality in order to ensure you get precise cuts each time.

At Carolina Knife Co, we offer a wide selection of paper cutting blades and knives. For over forty years, Carolina Knife has been an industry leader in manufacturing industrial slitter blades, machine parts, and other knife related accessories.

Paper Converting Blades and Knives

Cutting applications play an integral role in virtually every stage of paper converting. Whatever your conversions process are, from slitting and rewinding to sheeting to perforating, we offer the industrial blades to get the job done right. Our knives are manufactured to not only meet OEM standards, but they often exceed them. Plus, with custom knife manufacturing available, we are able to meet the needs of each customer’s unique applications. Some of the industrial blades and knives we manufacture include:

Circular Blades

Circular blades can be used for multiple paper cutting applications, from perforating to scoring. At Carolina Knife, we can tailor these blades to meet your unique specifications. Whether you are searching for a toothless or toothed blade, we have what you need. We also offer different materials to choose from as well as tooth configurations or edge styles depending on the type of blade you are using.

Guillotine Blades

Incorporating the precision and quality of guillotine blades from Carolina Knife Co. will make a significant difference in your paper cutting processes. Deliver clean, efficient cuts to paper products while minimizing draw and dust with the blades excellent cutting edge and hardness. We use only the highest quality carbon tool steel and carbide in the manufacturing of our industrial guillotine blades.

Straight Blades

Straight blades offer some of the cleanest and efficient cuts in the paper conversion industry. Whether you need to slit, score, slice, crease, cut or trim paper, you can rely on these paper cutting blades. We manufacture these and other straight blades for a wide variety of manufacturing equipment. Along with OEM blades, we also make custom blades as well as blades for custom manufacturing processes.

Bottom Slitter Blades

Manufacturing bottom blades for rotary shear slitting machinery is one of our specialties at Carolina Knife Co. We manufacture bottom splitters and cutters for a wide range of standard equipment from many conversion industries, including paper.

Sheeter Knives

Sheeter knives use a rotary motion to affect the cutting of sheets of material to certain desired lengths. All of our sheeter knives are manufactured to very close tolerances and inspected to ensure blade straightness and parallelism. This dedication to strict quality guidelines ensures that each of sheeter knife we manufacture maintains a strong and keen cutting edge in high-speed cutting environments without sacrificing consistent cutting accuracy.

Benefits of Paper Converting Blades From Carolina Knife

Trusting the team at Carolina Knife for industrial paper converting blades offers several benefits:

  • U.S.-manufactured specialty blades for paper cutting applications
  • Cost-effective products and services
  • Free quotes
  • Excellent Lead Times

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At Caroline Knife Co, we offer more than 40 years of experience in creating and manufacturing industrial blades and knives for your cutting application. We manufacture stock blades for all major paper manufacturing equipment. If we are unable to supply your blade from our extensive inventory then we can rapidly create a custom or specialty blade for your specific cutting needs. If you are looking for high-quality paper cutting blades to use in paper converting processes, contact our team of experts today to receive a free quote.

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