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Carolina Knife Co. manufactures steel industrial knives, accessories, and knife replacement parts in a variety of high-quality materials. When you buy an industrial machine knife or blade accessory from us you can be sure it has been professionally crafted from the highest quality materials, specifically selected for your industrial cutting application. To learn more about the high-quality materials we use in our manufacturing process please select from the list below. These pages will list the advantages and disadvantages, chemical compositions, uses and other specifics regarding our most commonly used materials:

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52100 Tool Steel

52100 Tool Steel

AISI 52100 is a high carbon tool steel containing low quantities of manganese and chromium to improve hardening. Because of the low chromium levels in 52100 steel, it has very low corrosion resistance compared to other higher chromium tool steels.

In applications where corrosion is less of an issue, 52100 tool steel is considered an ideal, affordable option, offering a very fine grain with superior edge retention. It is capable of cutting a wide range of materials because of its combination of toughness, wear-resistance, and hardness.

Allow the industrial blade experts at Carolina Knife Co. to help you determine if AISI 52100 tool steel is right for your industrial cutting process.

Chemical Characteristics

  • Carbon: 1.00%
  • Chromium: 1.50%
  • Manganese: 0.35%
  • Silicon: 0.25%
440C SS-Stainless Knife Steel
ASP 23
CPM 10V Cold Work Steel
CPM 9V Hot Work Steel
CPM S60V (440V)
D2-High Carbon Cold Work Tool Steel
Spring Steel
Tungsten Carbide

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