Industrial Blade Sharpening

Precise Knife Sharpening To Match OEM Specifications

Professional Knife Sharpening To Your Specification

Machine blades and knives are essential components in many conversion and processing applications. To work at top efficiency, these industrial blades need to be kept as sharp as possible. Even the highest-quality blades can become dull after continued use, which can slow down production and result in an inferior product. Instead of purchasing replacements, when the condition of your machine blades have a negative impact on production, our industrial knife sharpening services will ensure that your sharpened blades and knives meet all Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications and standards.

“Sharpening is our Specialty.”

—Wally Ashbrook, Carolina Knife CEO

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We Sharpen All Types of Industrial Blades and Knives!

At Carolina Knife Co., we can precisely sharpen just about any type of machine blade or knife. for any application. Our meticulousness grinding and blade sharpening process ensures that your sharpened blades and knives meet or exceed all OEM specifications and standards for concentricity or “roundness”. Some of the industrial blades we commonly sharpen include:

  • Shear blades
  • Textile blades
  • Sheeter knives
  • Granulator blades
  • Razor slitter knives
  • Score slitting blades
  • Circular knives
  • Saw blades
  • Pelletizer knives
  • Guillotine knives
  • Slitter blades
  • And more!

Score Cutting Roll and Sleeve Regrinding

In addition to industrial blade sharpening, we also offer to resurface or regrind the sleeves, rolls, and shafts that are used in shear and score cutting processes.

Our Industrial Blade Sharpening Is A Cut Above The Rest

Sharp machine blades cut better and cause fewer production and quality issues. Blade resharpening is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new blades. Don’t let a dull blade cut into your bottom line.

With a vast array of abrasives to choose from, Carolina Knife has the knowledge and expertise to make sure your blades are professionally sharpened to the highest standards- satisfaction guaranteed!

For industrial blade sharpening services that are a cut above the rest, contact Carolina Knife Company. Our industrial knife manufacturers have the knowledge and experience to ensure your blades are expertly sharpened to the highest standards — satisfaction guaranteed!

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