Precision Lapping Services

Single and Double Sided

Lapping and Sharpening to Meet Your Unique Design Specifications

Lapping is a specialized process that produces uniform flatness and precise thickness. At Carolina Knife Company we specialize in creating the ideal surface finish for your machine parts. We have specialized lapping equipment which offers high performance and fast turn-around times

Carolina Knife’s custom lapping techniques can fix surface irregularities and achieve exceptional flatness and parallelism. Our industrial blade experts can produce extraordinary tolerances, generate specific surface finishes, and create highly customized product results for your specific cutting, converting, or processing machines.

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Shape Steel Machine Parts With Our Lapping Service

At Carolina Knife Co., we take on virtually any flat surfacing application. Our state-of-the-art equipment provides precision and economy for virtually any flat lapping, grinding, or polishing application. Our meticulousness grinding and lapping process ensure that your machine parts meet or exceed requirements for finish and geometric requirements. Products typically manufactured by Carolina Knife which require lapping services include:

  • Fin Discs or Finning Discs
  • Top Slitter Knives
  • Bottom Slitter Knives
  • Spacers
  • And more thin and high precision tool steel cutters!

Through our lapping services, our close-tolerance experts can help you achieve both your finish and geometry requirements for important parts.


To meet your roundness, straightness and cylindricity requirements, our experts perfect the geometry by fine-tuning your cylindrical parts with abrasive compounds.

Fine-Tune Your Cylindrical Parts With Our Lapping Services

For professional close-tolerance form grinding and lapping services for your machine parts, contact Carolina Knife Company. Our industrial knife manufacturers have the knowledge and experience to ensure your parts meet or exceed finish and geometric requirements for your cylindrical parts.

We Are Sharpening Specialists

We deliver the highest quality precision parts to match your design specifications

  • Single and Double Sided Lapping
  • Honing
  • Form Grinding

In addition to lapping services, we offer form grinding services to maintain tolerances for your specific machine parts. Form grinding with Carolina Knife is an effective and efficient way to shape steel parts into exact and unusual shapes faster than common machine practices. We handle thousands of form grinding jobs applying our vast experience and technology.


With state of the art lapping equipment and methods, our team can match or exceed even the finest finish requirements for your cylindrical parts. Carolina Knife laps products in many shapes, sizes, and hardened tool steels. Typical materials include:

  • D2
  • M2
  • Carbide
  • CPM10V
  • Blue tempered spring steel
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