Blades made for the conversion of textile materials are central to the Carolina knife and Manufacturing product mix. Whether it is score cutting non-woven materials, or hot cut slitting your woven synthetic fabrics to cut and seal in one operation, we stock the solutions for you to install.


We specialize in manufacturing blades in the upper end of the performance strata, so you can enjoy longer run life out of the tools you are presently using. Be it carbide or ceramic, High Speed steel, or metals made from the Powered Metal Technology-Carolina knife and Manufacturing is experienced in trouble shooting and solving your slitting problems.


We stock most blades for immediate shipment and have an expedited delivery service to make the blade you cannot find anywhere else—-quickly and accurately. Check out our store or call in and talk to one of our Technical Representatives for more information


  • Artex Bottom Slitter
  • 02.992 OD X 00.630 ID X 00.157
  • D2 Material
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  • Artex Bottom Slitter
  • 02.992 OD X 01.457 ID X 00.157
  • D2 Material
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high-quality rotary slitter blade


  • Artex Top Dish Slitter
  • 03.150 OD X 01.811 ID X 00.038
  • M2 HSS Material
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