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Bottom Slitter Blades

Manufacturing bottom blades for rotary shear slitting machinery is one of our specialties at Carolina Knife Co. We make bottom slitters and cutters for a wide range of standard multigroovebottom.jpgequipment from many conversion industries including paper, film, foil, textiles and nonwoven materials. We can also rapidly manufacture custom blades to meet your specific needs.

Some of the bottoms slitters that we regularly manufacture include: multigroove bottom slitters, split bottom slitters, single and double edge (dual edge or double bevel) bottom sitters, square edge cutters, automatic positioning bottom slitters, and solid or tipped carbide bottom knives and cutters.

Split Bottom Slitters

splitbottomslitter.jpgCarolina Knife Co. manufactures a wide range of split bottom slitter blades (split bottom cutter) using our patented manufacturing process that yields a blade that exceeds balance standards by up to 75%, minimizes connection failure rates, and helps promote a safer working environment for employees.

Multi-groove Bottom Slitters

Multi-groove Bottom Slitter Blades

Carolina Knife Co. manufactures through hardened, wear resistant multi-groove slitters in 52100 and D2 steel. These blades are individually crafted to insure superior roundness to within .0004 inch.




Carbide Bottom Slitters

Carbide Tipped Bottom Slitter Blades

We can also manufacture or tipped carbide rotary cutter blades. Manufactured in America from fine grained carbide materials. You will benefit from our quality, competitive pricing, and quick delivery. Carolina Knife Co. has developed an ultra-finishing program to produce a precise, mirror-like cutting edge that is the finest available in the industry. Ultra-finished carbide rotary slitters will increase knife life between sharpening up to ten (10) times over steel slitters and cutters. Run time is substantially increased and changeover costs are dramatically decreased.