Tire and Rubber Converting Blades and Knives

Despite innovation of automation, tire production still requires a lot of demanding work. And, due to the unique physical characteristics of rubber, cutting processes require a blade that is specially designed for seamless and consistent cutting of this tough material. Those in the tire and rubber industry look to the industrial blades and knives from Carolina Knife Co. As one of the leading industrial knife manufacturers in the U.S., we manufacture a full line of tire manufacturing and rubber converting blades.

Tire and Rubber Converting Blades and Knives

Whether your manufacturing processes involve the slitting and rewinding rubber, sheeting rubber, or any tire cutting processes involved in manufacturing tires, you can find the right blades and accessories from Caroline Knife. We only use the highest quality grades of carbon steel and tungsten carbide in our tire cutting knives and rubber conversion cutters for the best results. Plus, with custom knife manufacturing available, we are able to meet the needs of your manufacturing processes. Some of the industrial blades and knives for the tire and rubber industry that  we manufacture include:

Score Slitter Blades

Carolina Knife Co. manufactures blades and a wide range of accessories for machines utilizing the score or crush cutting process in the tire and rubber industry. Score slitting parts the rubber material through a crushing action, therefore, the cutting edges of these blades cannot be sharpened. They typically have a radius along the cutting edge. No manufacturer can compete to the attention to detail of the cutting edge on our blades.

Rotary Slitter Blades

Rotary shear slitting is the tire and rubber industry equivalent to the cutting process used by a pair of scissors. In rotary shear slitting there are two cutting surfaces, the top and bottom blades. These rotary slitter knives spin in opposite directions allowing the tough rubber material to pass smoothly through the blades. Carolina Knife supplies a wide range of rotary cutting blade designs in all popular materials.

Burst Slitting Razors

You can find a wide range of thin, extra-sharp razor slitter blades to meet the needs of the tire and rubber converting industry. Industrial razor slitting, also called burst slitting, is a single knife cutting process in which an ultra-thin, extremely sharp blade, either circular or straight, is held in position while a sheet of material is drawn over the blade. The sharp blade passes smoothly through the rubber material to cut it into two pieces and enable faster cutting speeds.

Mill Knives

Mill knives are most commonly used in the manufacturing of rubber sheets, which are used in the final assembly of products such as rubber tires and hoses. Typically, mill knife blades are very sharp and made of higher grade tool steel which enables a long run life.We make sure that the mill knives we manufacture have cutting edges that are very sharp and have long cutting life in the converting of these rubber materials.

Sheeter Knives

Sheeter knives are used in a rotary motion to affect the cutting of sheets of material to certain desired lengths. The wide range of materials that we use to manufacture sheeter knives means that we have the right blade and the right material for tire and rubber converting applications.

Straight Shear Blades

Straight shear knives have evolved into many uses in the tire and rubber industry. The process of shearing is a proven technique effective at cutting the rigorous material in this industry. At Carolina Knife Co., we can manufacture any shear from various high quality materials to improve the performance of your cutting processes.

Hot Cut Knives

Carolina Knife Co. manufactures hot cut knives, pneumatic hot cut knives, and hot cut assemblies for tire and rubber converting. The hot cut knife consists of a holder and an element or blade that operates at up to 1500 degrees Farenheight. This enables industry materials to be cut and sealed in one operation. Hot cut knife converting can be more cost effective than Ultrasonic slitting when edge fraying or unraveling is a primary concern.

Benefits of Tire and Rubber Converting Blades and Knives

Trusting the team at Carolina Knife for industrial tire and rubber converting blades offers several benefits:

  • U.S.-manufactured specialty blades for rubber cutting processes and applications
  • Cost-effective products and services
  • Hassle-free quotes
  • Excellent Lead Times

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At Caroline Knife Co, we offer more than 40 years of experience in creating and manufacturing industrial blades and knives for the tire and rubber industry, as well as other converting industries. We manufacture stock blades for all major tire and rubber manufacturing equipment. If we are unable to supply your blade from our extensive inventory then we can quickly create a custom or specialty blade for your specific rubber cutting needs. If you are looking for high-quality tire and rubber cutting blades and knives to use in paper converting processes, contact our team of experts today to receive a free quote.

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