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Circular Razors

Core, Burst or Industrial Circular Razor Knife Blades

Industrial Core or Razor Slitter Blades

Carolina Knife Co. manufactures circular blades used as "core burst" or industrial circular razor slitter blades. We manufacture these ultra-thin, extremely sharp razor slitter blades from a wide range of materials for all conversion industries. Circular razor or core slitting requires a sharp blade with an edge radius of .00025 to .0005. A cutting edge can be too sharp or too dull too meet your cutting requirements.

We have a number of different machines to achieve sharp cutting edges. Sometimes trial and error is required to identify the right edge radius for core cutters. We can counsel you through this process to find the optimim cutting tool for your application.

What is Circular Razor or Burst Slitting?

Industrial razor slitting, also called burst slitting, is a single knife cutting process in which an ultra-thin, extremely sharp blade, either circular or straight, is held in position while a sheet of material is drawn over the blade. The sharp blade passes smoothly through the material leaving two pieces of material. Razor slitting is not ideal for all cutting processes. Typically, rotary shear slitting can achieve much faster cut speeds on many materials.