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Circular Blades

circularblades.jpgCarolina Knife Co. is an industry leader in manufacturing circular industrial blades in the United States. We fabricate a variety of circular knife styles for industries including paper conversion, film & foil conversion, textile and nonwoven processing, and tire and rubber manufacturing.

Our circular blades can typically be indentified by their cut-type, most being score slitting, razor slitting, or rotary shear slitting.

In our circular shear knife line we make range of top "male" knifes as well as several types of bottom "female" knives including split bottom knives and multigroove bottom blades.  Carolina Knife has patented an extremely safe split bottom slitter knife that exceeds ANSI balance standards by 75%.

Along with manufacturing a wide range of circular blades for OEMs, we specialize in creating custom blades that are individually crafted to meet the specific cutting and processing needs of our customers. At Carolina Knife we pride ourselves in creating quality custom blades, in a timely manner, while exceeding our customers' expectations.


Circular Blade Categories:

Rotary Shear Blades

Score Knives

Circular Razors

Top Slitters

Bottom Slitters

Call for details about the following blades:


  • Perforator Blades
  • Carbide Blades: Solid or Tipped
  • Disc Knives
  • Lobe Knives
  • Tread Knives
  • Deep Cut Knives
  • Calendar Knives