Your Industrial Blade Needs Sharpening

A Sharp Blade is a Happy Blade

Even the most high quality of industrial blades are prone to getting dull after repeated usage. To keep your blades operating at their peak performance potential, it is vital that you keep them honed to the proper edge. This is where Carolina Knife Co. comes in! While we are an industrial blade manufacturer, we also specialize in the sharpening of any kind of industrial blade on the market. Whether it is a standard blade or a blade that was custom made, we can return it to the pristine, sharp glory of when it was brand new. Rather than spend money on costly replacements for your blades, make full use of the quality of the product you already own by trusting Carolina Knife Co. with your industrial blade sharpening needs! We take every precaution necessary to ensure that your blade meets the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) guidelines for your product. 

Our Blade Sharpening Process

Whenever we receive a blade to be sharpened from a customer, it will go through a rigorous 5-step process to ensure quality. We believe in being consistent with the quality of service that we offer! Here is a brief description of each step of the process that we use to return your industrial blades to the condition they require to be effective:


The team of blade experts at Carolina Knife Co. will personally inspect each and every blade that comes to our facility. Their trained eyes will look for all of the ways in which the blade may be damaged and assess the condition of the dulled blade. This is where our experts can detect any further defects in the blades that may be present aside from being dulled with use.


Once inspection is complete, your blade will be thoroughly cleaned, sorted, and then re-ground to what is called an Ultra Finish edge. We will only ever remove the minimum amount of material from your blade that is necessary, in order to prolong the life of the blade as long as possible. 


At this point, our blade technicians will file a blade inspection report. This is done so that we can effectively communicate with our clients about the expected timeline for future blade repair or replacements. We like to keep these records so that they can be referred to at our customer’s convenience.

Blade Testing

To ensure that your blade has been sufficiently repaired, it will be subjected to a testing process that meets safety and performance standards for the blade’s function. If a blade fails this testing procedure, meaning that it does not meet the minimum safety standards, it will be returned to the customer or discarded with customer consent. Rest assured that all certification documentation is available for each blade, and is available upon request. 

Finish & Return

When your blade has been inspected, restored, recorded and has passed the standard performance test, it will be returned to you. Blades are carefully packed and coated with a cushioning material and sent to you in durable, reusable shipping containers. When you receive your blade, it is ready for use!

Can We Sharpen Your Industrial Blade?

The short answer to that question is yes! There are very few, if any, exceptions to the industrial blade that we are able to sharpen and repair. Our meticulous experts make every effort to sharpen all industrial blades to peak condition, regardless of the application they are used for. We regularly service blades for textiles, razor slitters, circular blades, saw blades, guillotine knives, granulator blades, and more! If you are unsure if we can handle the sharpening of your industrial blade, all you have to do is ask! Contact us here

Carolina Knife Co. Keeps You Sharp

We hope that you will trust us with all of your industrial blade needs. In addition to superior sharpening services, we manufacture and custom design just about any blade that you can imagine for your manufacturing processes. The bottom line is that sharp blades work better and keep your business running without a hitch. Contact us today and let us get started on making sure your industrial blades are sharp and happy. We look forward to working with you!

Carolina Knife Co.

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