The Most Common Uses for Industrial Blades

Common Industrial Blades, Uncommon Quality

Carolina Blade Co. has made it our mission to provide companies all over the world with the industrial blades that they need to get their jobs done. We do this by manufacturing several blades that are commonly used in conversion and manufacturing companies, as well as custom-designing and creating blades for unique purposes. While many of our products are standard fare, there is nothing standard about them— we pride ourselves at only providing the highest quality blades on the market today. Regardless of what field of manufacture or production that your business exists in, we have the proper industrial blades that you need to produce the highest quality product for your customers. Here are many of the fields that we have years of experience working with:

Food Processing

The food industry relies heavily on quality industrial knives and blades. With mass amounts of food being prepared, packaged, shipped and processed on a daily basis, it is incredibly important that all blades involved are of the highest quality. Carolina Knife Co. can provide your food processing or preparation business with the proper slicing, slitting, and dicing blades necessary, and so much more! Our blades are effective with poultry, fish, red meats, fruits, vegetables, and grains. If you have any questions about other blades for your food processing and production needs, please contact one of our blade specialists!


The plastic industry is one of the most prolific industries in the world today, so naturally, they require a huge quantity of reliable industrial blades to keep up with production. From the initial processing of raw plastic material, all the way through to manufacturing plastic goods, industrial blades play a key role. These blades can be used for something as simple as splitting and shaping sheets of plastic into pre-set forms, or can be very specialized blades that need to be very precise. Contact Carolina Knife Co. with any questions you have about the blades we manufacture that apply to plastic item manufacturing.

Tire & Rubber Conversion

The tire industry has become highly automated, but that doesn’t mean that strong industrial blades are no longer necessary! In fact, dependable industrial blades are more necessary than ever as the operating systems that use them become more autonomous. From cutting large quantities of rubber to technicians using precise cutting tools to ensure quality when a tire comes out of a mold, quality industrial blades are depended upon by the tire and rubber industry.


Textile manufacturing is an incredibly vast market that includes everything from creating upholstery, designing and shaping garments, and several more products that make use of organic or synthetic fibers. Some of these fibers necessitate industrial blades that are very sharp and very dependable — the proper fit of your jeans depend on it! Carolina Knife Co. can produce or design blades for textiles such as slitter blades, shear cutters, guillotine blades, mill blades, and more! If you’re wondering which blade is right for your textile manufacturing business, our knowledgeable staff at Carolina Knife Co. is ready to provide you with expert advice and solutions.

Paper & Packaging

Industrial blades are used in the paper manufacturing industry for more than just cutting phone books down to size. Paper industries depend on reliable, sturdy, and sharp knives cut through paper, corrugated cardboard, and rolls of other materials. At any given moment, there are delivery trucks on the road and airplanes in the sky that are full of materials that were created by paper manufacturers using industrial blades. When the production process doesn’t start with quality blades, the whole chain of events can be compromised. Browse our selection of slitter blades, perforating knives, razors, straight blades, guillotine blades, mill blades, and more!


The modern world is a world of steel. Taming this world of metal requires industrial blades that are up to the task, which is what Carolina Knife Co. strives to provide to our customers. Industrial blades can be used to slice, cut, and trim many forms of metal in industries as variable as there are products on the shelves. Carolina Knife Co. manufactures blades that can handle slitting thin sheets of metal, as well as special blades that can edge, bevel and finish a variety of metals. Blades can be used in metalworking for cutting down mass quantities of steel, or in minute details of metal parts manufacturing.

Carolina Knife Co. is Your #1 Blade Resource

These are just a few of the areas of commerce that industrial blades can serve. As you can see, our market is gigantic, and we do our absolute best to make sure that we can provide any business with the quality industrial blades that they need to be successful. If you have any questions about the blades that we offer, or if you need a special blade crafted just for you, contact us today and get a quote on your blades. We look forward to working with you!

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