Why You Can Trust Us to Be Your Industrial Blade Company

Industrial Blades Are Our Passion

Carolina Knife Co. operates under the belief that each and every manufacturing and conversion company deserves to have the best industrial blades possible. Over the years of our operation, we have become a leading international supplier of high-quality industrial cutting blades, specializing in steel and carbide knife manufacturing. While we may be based out of Asheville, North Carolina, our aim is to provide any business in any part of the world with the blades they need to be successful. We would love to be able to support your cutting and converting application with the highest-quality, American-made products, and deliver them to you quickly.

Industrial Blade Manufacturing

Carolina Knife Co. employs some of the most highly-skilled industrial blade engineers in the country who will help design the best solution for your business. We make machine blades and knives for all converting applications! Regardless of if the machinery you work with needs a blade with particular specifications, or if you need a completely new blade designed, we can provide your answer. We use the highest-quality grade of tool steels to create the equipment that you need to be successful by using a detailed custom manufacturing process. We’ll create any blade based on blueprints, sketches, technical drawings, or even verbal descriptions provided by you.

Once we receive blade information from our clients, we get right to work with a material consultation. If you’re not sure what steel your blade requires, our team has decades of experience and can help you determine the best solution, including metals like 52100, D2, M2 or carbide. When this is all decided, we’ll manufacture your blade from the selected raw steel.

Each manufactured blade is passed through a rigorous testing process, including tests for hardness, sharpness, spacial dimensions, and material certification. When we’re confident that your blade passes our quality test, it will be delivered to you fast, ready to be put to use.

Industrial Blade Sharpening Specialists

You may already have the industrial blades that you need, but they aren’t performing as well as they should be. Rather than immediately replacing your blades, save some expense and send them to Carolina Knife Co. to be sharpened to your exact specifications. Even the most high-quality blades will wear down after repeated use, slowing down your production and costing you time and money. Our sharpening process includes five steps, including inspection of your blades, restoration, recording of results, testing, and returning the finished blades to you. Let us help ensure that your blades keep their edge and meet all of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications and standards. After all, as our CEO Wally Ashbrook says, “sharpening is our speciality!”

Trust Carolina Knife Co. With Your Blades

If you need service for any of your industrial blades, or you need blades manufactured or replaced for your manufacturing process, we hope that you’ll trust Carolina Knife Co. with your business. We operate to the highest blade standards in the business, and we won’t settle for anything less. Contact us today to get started on your industrial blade solution!

Carolina Knife Co.

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