What is a Mill Knife Used For?

The Trusty Mill Knife

Although the mill knife is used for several different applications today, which we will explore a little further, the mill knife was first developed as a tool for leather-workers and cobblers, or shoemakers. These special blades are designed specifically to be able to easily cut and shape leather and rubber materials. The knife gets its name, humbly enough, because it is often used in a mill, or a facility where leather is processed. 

Whenever leather or rubber is being processed by a manufacturer, the ends of the large swatches of material tend to have some dangly bits that serve no purpose to the final product. The trusty mill knife is designed to be able to remove these excess parts from the source material before it can be sold. 

Hand-held versions of this knife have been around for well over a century, and in the intervening years, blade materials and manufacturing processes have allowed for increased durability in the blades. This has allowed for the humble mill knife to find practical applications in other processing avenues, like the following…


In addition to the traditional applications for mill knives, such as leather and rubber manufacturing, they can also find uses in carpeting, flooring, insulation installation, pottery, tire manufacturing, wood carving, and several other conversion industries. While these blades were originally hand-held, there are many industries today that utilize a mounted version of the blade that helps to eliminate any potential human error or accidental injury. If you are curious as to how a mill knife may benefit your specific conversion process, please feel free to contact the blade experts here at Carolina Knife Co.! We’d love to discuss how these handy blades can make your manufacturing process easier.

Our Mill Knife Blades

Carolina Knife Co. specializes in creating some of the finest industrial blades in the country. In addition to being able to create custom blades for any application, we regularly supply three different versions of mill knives. 

CAR11184 Mill Knife

This model of mill knife is constructed out of CPM10V, a cold work tool steel, a material that provides exceptional wear-resistance and toughness. This blade is ideal for the manufacture of rubber sheets and for the final assembly process of tires and hoses. This blade is capable of slitting, shearing, and trimming, even in extreme conditions. Here is a link to this particular knife’s product page.

CK510M246IV Mill Knife

Yes, it’s a catchy name. This mill knife is also constructed out of CPM10V cold work tool steel, meaning that it can withstand extreme conditions without a problem. This particular model is designed to also withstand long cutting procedures while converting even very abrasive materials. You can learn more about this resilient mill knife here, or by contacting us.

MILL510M246IV Mill Knife

We like to think of this model of mill knife as our heavy-hitter. Constructed out of the same resilient CPM10V cold work tool steel, the shape of this blade provides great usage life in most cutting applications. This blade has the highest performance of any of our mill blades. Contact us to find out if this replacement mill knife blade is right for your conversion processes.

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