The Best Way Sharpen Granulator Blades

When it comes to the plastic processing industry, granulator blades endure some of the most grueling materials and conditions. Granulating hard plastics can cause the blades to dull, leading to frequent blade replacements. In order to get the blade functionality and cut quality back to an optimal condition, professional and precise sharpening is required. This will significantly help increase the life of the blade and will improve the output of the granulator. Sharp blades will allow machines to operate more efficiently, which will help increase the overall output of the machine will creating more consistency with output at the same time.

The Best Way To Sharpen Granulator Blades

Professional industrial knife sharpeners utilize state-of-the-art sharpening equipment and methods specifically developed for the care and maintenance of granulator blades. After sending your dull and worn granulator blades for sharpening, they will be returned in a like-new condition. This better ensures that the gap between each granulator rotary blade and bed knife is maintained through more hours of operation.

Selecting an Industrial Knife Sharpening Service

Before sending your granulator blade to be sharpened, it is important to choose a sharpening service that will have an understanding of the blades tolerance requirements. Every granulator machines that has a set of blade tolerances that must be implemented when sharpening. These tolerances state the allocated measurements for the width of both new and sharpened blades and knives.

For instance, knives with holes that are typically found in fixed blade granulators cannot be adjusted. That said, it is essential that these knives meet the straightness and width requirements established by the industrial knife manufacturer.

How Exactly Are Granulator Blades Sharpened

Proper blade sharpening is a process that involves various steps. Precise blade sharpening typically begins with cleaning the blade to remove any residue and facilitate a high-quality sharpening. Then, the blades are carefully measured and sorted to make sure that the least amount of blade material is removed while ensuring the tightest tolerances throughout the set of blades.

In order to properly sharpen granulator blades, the knife is held in place and precisely rotated to match the exact angle requirements needed to meet the tolerances of the granulator machine. Most granulator blades can be sharpened at least 10 times before reaching the end of its life. Proper and professional sharpening will dramatically reduce the overall costs of maintaining your granulator.

What to Do Before Sending Your Blades for Sharpening

When granulator blades are due for sharpening, they should be sent as a complete set. This helps ensure that the blade tolerances required by the granulator manufacturer are maintained. It is also important that the sharpener understand what type of material will be granulated with the blades, as thinner materials often require tight blade tolerances and should only be sharpened by knife sharpening services that can maintain the specified tolerance throughout the blade set.

Lastly, to measure the effectiveness of your current sharpener, maintain a log of sharpening and blade conditions. Before shipping the blades out, make note of the condition and width of each blade and do the same when the blade is returned. If the sharpener is removing too much material, the life expectancy of the blade is unnecessarily reduced.

Maintaining the quality and sharpness of granulator blades will help ensure optimal performance of granulator machines, resulting in more effective throughput and higher-quality output. While maintaining the condition of industrial knives may seem can help like a burden, teaming up with an experienced industrial knife sharpener who understands and complies with the strict tolerances set by your granulator equipment manufacturer can help reduce the overall costs.

Do You Need Granulator Blade Sharpening?

If the blades in your granulator are due for sharpening, there’s not a better company to rely on for precise and professional knife sharpening than Carolina Knife Company. We are a leading manufacturer of industrial cutting blades, including granulator blades, so you can rest assured that our team will be able to work within the strict tolerances to deliver a sharpened blade that is like new. We also specialize in creating custom blades that are individually crafted to meet the specific cutting and processing needs of our customers.

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