Services To Look For In A Slitter Knife Supplier

Properly maintaining and caring for slitter blades will improve both the quality and production output of slitting processes, whether in the paper industry, vinyl, laminates, or some other industry. When choosing an industrial knife supplier that manufacturers slitter knives, it is important to work with one that has professional knowledge and experience to offer recommendations to improve the blade functionality and cut quality as well as supply you with the slitting knives that meet the unique needs of the industry your business is a part of.

Services To Look For In A Slitter Knife Supplier

When looking for the best industrial knife manufacturer that specializes in high-quality slitter knives, it is important to look at the services offered. The top industrial knife suppliers will offer services such as slitter blade sharpening, repairs and rebuilds, and have an inventory of both custom and stock solutions.

Slitter Blade Sharpening

Slitter blades that stay sharp will not only increase the production output and quality of cutting processes, but it will increase their longevity and reduce the need for knife replacements. When slitter blades are sharpened by a professional, precision knife sharpening service they are returned to a like-new condition, with the cutting edge ready to take on the toughest materials of the industry — all at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new circular slitter blades. All you have to do is ship your dull and worn slitting blades to a professional knife sharpener and they will ensure they are sharpened with precision.

To get the most out of sharpened slitter blades, establish a maintenance routine for the knives within your organization. If your organization involves a constant flow of slitting processes, a maintenance schedule based on operation time may be the most effective option to implement. For some quick and helpful industrial knife care tips, check out our recent blog.

Some slitting structures require the blades to be sharpened together to maintain the balance, precision, and efficiency of the slitting process. Additionally, machines may require minimum outer diameter grinds to make sure that they fit within the machine. Professional slitter knife suppliers will ensure that your blades are sharpened to the precise resilience of your slitting machine without removing excess material.

Slitter Knife Repair And Rebuilds

In order to ensure quality cuts and enhance the life of shear slitting blades, shear knife holders require the proper care and maintenance. Industrial steel knife manufacturers with knife repair and rebuild capabilities can test, inspect, repair, rebuild, and certify shear slitting knife holders to ensure the best performance from a slitting machine and the blades without the need of hiring a separate knife repair service.

How To Determine If Your Slitter Knife Holder Is In Need of Repair

To determine if your knife holder requires maintenance, work with an industrial knife manufacturer to troubleshoot your slitting machine. Low-quality cuts are one of the leading signs that a slitter knife holder is due for maintenance. Since low-quality cuts can be a caused by faulty slitting blades, not running at the right line speed, or issues with the knife holder, troubleshooting the problem with an industrial knife professional will help ensure identification of the true culprit.

Full Inventory of Stock and Custom Options

Having a wide range of stock knife sourcing solutions is essential in understanding the certification process for materials, criteria for inspection, and the best-fit products for various applications. The best knife suppliers will offer blades that are manufactured from certified materials to meet the standards of quality, performance, and durability.

Industrial cutting applications require materials that comply with the strict tolerances of slitting. When cutting processes are in need of a change, whether due to changes in production requirements, new machinery, or years of wear, an experienced knife manufacturer will be able to make the proper recommendations that best fit the goals of your organization. In some scenarios, this may mean utilizing a custom solution.

Industrial knife manufacturers with a large inventory of stock and customized options make it easy to find the solution that best fits both the budgetary and production requirements of your business.

When searching for a slitter blade manufacturer, it is best to partner with a supplier that offers a range of in-house services, including blade sharpening and grinding, repairs, and both stock and custom knife solutions. This will reduce the need to rely on multiple vendors and provides your organization with simple, one-stop access to industrial knife professionals, recommendations, services, and products.

Searching for The Best Industrial Knife Manufacturers?

If you are in need of an industrial knife supplier that specializes in manufacturing slitter blades, look no further than Carolina Knife Company. We manufacture a wide range of both top and bottom slitter blades for use in conversion equipment that utilizes the rotary shear or score cutting processes. We also manufacture other types of circular blades and other industrial knives. What’s more, we offer precision form grinding, lapping, and sharpening services for industrial tooling and have a large inventory of both custom and stock solutions. If you are interested in learning more or need recommendations for the type of industrial blade you need, give the experienced sales staff at Carolina Knife Co. a call.

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