Hot Cut Blade Safety

Industrial Hot Cut Blades

Carolina Knife Co. manufactures several different hot cut knife assemblies that have many uses in industry and textile manufacture. While these blades are extremely useful, if they are used by untrained, uncareful hands, serious injury could occur. We’d like to take this opportunity to give our customers some helpful tips for using our industrial blade products safely, ensuring that you and those you work with continue to go home at the end of the day with all of their extremities intact. 

How Hot Cut Blades Work

For those unfamiliar with hot cut blades, or need to use one and have had no experience with them, here is a brief overview of how they function and are operated. Hot cut blades use electricity to heat a blade to a hot enough temperature to cut, shape, and seal different synthetic materials. These materials include textiles like acrylic fabrics, polyester, and nylon, as well as foam, styrofoam, webbing, sailcloth, and rope. Natural materials are typically not cut using a hot knife, since they have a tendency to react poorly to high temperatures. The same is true for the synthetic material called vinyl, which melts easily due to its plastic content. 

Hot blades can cut through must synthetic materials to create a seamless edge. Its uses are not limited to industrial work, either. Hot cut blades have practical applications in laboratories, kitchens, and hobby and craft stores. The main advantage of using a hot blade is that it seals while it cuts, creating an edge that is much less likely to fray or unravel over time. The same cannot be said for other cutting tools, like razors or scissors. The heat from the hot knife melts and binds filaments together, making the edge more or less permanent. 


Safely Operating a Hot Cut Blade

The size and primary function of hot cut blades can vary depending on the application, but the same general rules apply for safe operation. Once there is power going to the heating element, the blade will become very hot in a matter of seconds. The utmost care should be taken to not let any part of your body come into contact with the hot blade. Heat-resistant gloves are recommended in the event that your hand slips and contacts the blade. You should have a firm, secure grip on the handle of the hot blade handle. Always be aware of your surroundings and any other person that may be working near you. 

As you prepare to cut, take note of the surface that you’re cutting on. You should strive to cut on a flat surface that will not be damaged by exposure to high heat. Most manufacturers use a workspace covered by a sheet of glass. Any material that you are cutting is much less likely to accidentally stick to glass while it is heated. 

You should always use a hot cut blade in a ventilated area. While not all materials are harmful, it is always better to protect yourself from potentially toxic fumes. Inhaling fumes from heated materials may not poison you, but they certainly could nauseate you. Save yourself the trouble and work with proper ventilation. 

Once the hot cut blade is suitably heated, you will be surprised at how easily it cuts through most synthetic materials. While your blade glides along, avoid pausing. Doing so could cause the material to melt too much and build up, resulting in an uneven cut. When you are finished cutting, make sure that the blade is placed in a proper safety holder, the power is turned off, and that the blade has enough time to cool before being stored or touched for sharpening. 

Carolina Knife Co. Are Your Hot Cut Experts

We hope that this quick hot cut blade overview and safety guide has been beneficial to you. Carolina Knife Co. takes pride in the products that we create for businesses to better achieve their goals. If you have any questions regarding the practical applications of hot cut blades and how you can use them, please contact one of our blade experts, and they will be happy to assist you. Remember to always work safely, and come to us, your industrial blade manufacture experts, for all of your industrial blade needs!

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