• Score Knife Holder 1/2 Inch
  • Standard
  • Contains 22 MM ID Blade, 22 MM Bearing,  8 MM Axle, And Standard Plastic Hose Assembly


Whether it’s American or European style, Carolina Knife Company manufactures and supplies a wide variety of pneumatic air knife holders with its full accessories for your score and crush cut applications. This Burris style replacement score knife holder could be the solution you need for your operation.

  • ½  inch standard score knife holder
  • Value and performance guaranteed
  • Contains a 22 mm ID blade, 22 mm ball bearing, 8 mm Axle, and a standard plastic hose assembly
  • Alternative knife configurations are available

Carolina Knife is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality pneumatic knife holders for you applications. This Burris style replacement score knife holder contains both ground and hardened side plates, a knife blade manufactured from high-quality steel, a 22mm ball bearing, an air hose assembly, and more.

  • OEM: Burris
  • OEM Part #: 135041-52100
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Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 6 in
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