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Thank you for returning to our blog for the second part of our industrial blade and industrial knife spotlight! If you’d like, you can return to Part 1 here. We’d like to continue to provide you with a basic overview of many of the blades that we offer, so that you can be more familiar with how our industrial knives can help your business manufacture the highest-quality products possible. If there are any blades we don’t discuss in this blog, please feel free to contact us now with any questions you may have, including how we can create custom industrial blades to fit your specific needs. 

Straight Blades

Carolina Knife Co. takes particular pride in the straight industrial blades and knives that we offer. We have several stock varieties available, as well as capabilities to create custom knives fit for any manufacturing need. The primary function of most straight industrial blades is for product conversion, particularly for rubber and tire manufacturing. Other industries that utilize straight blades include textile and non-woven material conversion, as well as metal and plastic processing. Here are some of the specific varieties of straight blades Carolina Knife Co. offers:


We know what you’re thinking- “Wait a minute, guillotine blades? Like, Marie Antoinette guillotine blades?” Fortunately, no, we don’t create those guillotine blades. In this case, guillotine blades are straight blades that descend or slide along groves to cut materials like paper, wood, metal, and textiles. Carolina Knife Co. is one of the leading manufacturers of these guillotine blades, and we make them with only the highest-quality carbon tool steel and carbide alloys. Take a quick look at our selection of guillotine blades here

Mill Knives

Mill knives are used by rubber manufacturers, and play a key role in the assembly stage of rubber products like tires and hoses. These blades are specifically created to be extremely sharp and enduring. Higher grade steels are used in the manufacturing of these blades, because they typically are required to have a long lifespan. Since these knives are usually used in the cutting and shaping of fairly abrasive materials, their ability to maintain a sharp edge is important. 


  • CPM 10V Cold Work Steel: Carolina Knife Co. makes use of this especially tough and wear-resistant tool steels in the creation of our mill blades. A patented procedure called Crucible Particle Metallurgy is used to produce these blades, wherein molten metal is pumped through a small nozzle, where gas will then atomize the metal, producing a fine powder. Once this is done, the powder is filtered through a fine screen, poured into steel containers and heated, solidifying into a solid mass. This procedure has been the gold-standard since the 1970s for manufacturing knives that need high wear-resistance. 


Take a look at our mill knife blade inventory here, and if you have any questions about their application, or to inquire about custom blade projects, contact us here

Specialty Blades

You may encounter the need for a very specialized blade in the manufacturing process for your business. Carolina Knife Co. stocks a variety of specialty blades, and as we’ve mentioned, we are capable of creating just about any specialty industrial blade imaginable. Here are some of the specialty and more uncommon blades we can provide:

Conti Straight Guillotine Rubber Cutter

This straight-edge guillotine blade is especially crafted for cutting rubber. Additionally, it excels at slitting, perforating, rewinding, cross-cutting, die-cutting, and press cutting. 

Conti Knife for Ply & Steel Bead Wire

This unique blade, as the name suggests, is used primarily for ply and steel bead wire cutting applications. Making use of high-quality M2 steel, it is able to reliably stand up against the toughest of conditions. 

And Much More!

This exploration of our blade offerings just cuts the surface of what Carolina Knife Co. can provide to your manufacturing processes. Please do not hesitate to contact us today to discuss how we can provide you with the highest quality industrial blades and knives. If you have any questions regarding our blades, materials, or processes, we are ready and willing to provide answers! Thank you for taking the time to explore our inventory, and we look forward to getting started on your blade project. 

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