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Form Grinding and Lapping Services

Please call 1.800.520.5030 or request a quote for further information about our Form Grinding and Lapping Services.

Form Grinding Service

20050823_162305.jpg"Form Grinding" shapes steel parts into exact and unusual shapes faster than common machine practices. We are capable of handling thousands of Form Grinding jobs. Please send prints for an evaluation.


Lapping Service

goebel_slitters_2.jpgLapped products are typically flat with both sides parallel to each other. Carolina Knife laps products in many shapes, sizes, and hardened tool steels. Typical materials include:

Products typically manufactured by Carolina Knife which require lapping are Fin Discs or Finning Discs, Slitter Knives (Top and Bottom), Spacers, as well as other thin and high precision tool steel cutters.