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Ultrasonic Knives, Cutting Horns or Blades

Besides the pneumatic and other hot cut knife designs, we also specialize in manufacturing ultrasonic horns or blades for ultrasonic knife slitting. Call us for more information about ultrasonic_horns.jpgour ultrasonic slitter products or to have your ultrasonic blades resharpened. 

Ultrasonic knives have become a boon to the textile and food service industries in recent years. They're quite effective when used in the cutting of plastics. While their extreme precision and low-dust factor continue to make them ideal for surgical procedures, ultrasonic knives are increasingly being used by the textile industry to cut corduroys and Napoleons in high volume.

For textile manufacturers, there are basically two modes of operation for an ultrasonic cutter: plunge and continuous. If you need to cut and seal fabric edges at the same time (for example, in creating a buttonhole), you will use the plunge mode, using the ultrasonic horn to seal the edges of the material as you cut. If you are slitting in the continuous mode, the horn remains stationary under the fabric, and the ultrasonic blade allows you to make a clean cut without fraying. Carolina Knife Co. manufactures a number of custom and specialty knives, including ultrasonic horns and blades.

Food preparers have been experimenting with ultrasonic knives since the 1970s, but we have seen the demand for them expand exponentially over the last decade. The system uses an ultrasonic generator that sends sound vibrations to the knife at a range beyond human hearing, above 20 KHz. The high precision of the ultrasonic knives manufactured by Carolina Knife Co. makes clean cuts with little waste through such delicate materials as cakes, gelatins and fine cheeses.