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Tidland Slitter Knives and Shafts

Tidlad converting equipment has become the most popular domestically produced slitter blades for the converting of paper, film and foil products. Carolina Knife Company has begun manufacturing and stocking top and bottom slitter knives for Tidland slitting equipment.

Carolina Knife Co. manufacturers these slitter blades in a wide range of materials; from 52100 through CPM 10V. Carolina Knife Co. domestically manufactures and stocks many sizes of Tidland slitter blades and shafts in these materials. Carbide tipped bottom slitter blades can be quoted on a as needed basis on all of the bottom or female knives.

Along with manufacturing a full line of top and bottom paper, film and foil slitter blades and shafts for Tidland converting machinery, Carolina Knife Co. also specializes in sharpening and regrinding these blades and shafts. Sharpening is one of our specialties, not a sideline business. Contact us today to schedule a sharpening job for your Tidland slitter blades.