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Tire and Rubber Converting Blades and Knives

Despite innovation of automation, tire production still requires a lot of demanding work. And, due to the unique physical characteristics of rubber, cutting processes require a blade that is specially designed for seamless and consistent cutting of this tough material. Those in the tire and rubber industry look to the industrial blades and knives from Carolina…

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Paper Converting Blades and Knives

Paper converting is the process in which large rolls of paper are resized to manufacture products that consumers are able to use. In the paper conversion industry, having quality, smooth-running machines is essential in reducing downtime. It is important to have an industrial knife with an exceptional cutting edge, hardness, and quality in order to…

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Choosing The Best Slitting Blades

In the vinyl, film, fabric, paper, laminates, and non-woven industries, products are often manufactured into large, bulk material rolls. Because these rolls are too large to utilize in the end product, many industry manufacturers covert the material into smaller rolls for final production through a process called “slitting.” During this process, the material on a…

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The Best Way Sharpen Granulator Blades

When it comes to the plastic processing industry, granulator blades endure some of the most grueling materials and conditions. Granulating hard plastics can cause the blades to dull, leading to frequent blade replacements. In order to get the blade functionality and cut quality back to an optimal condition, professional and precise sharpening is required. This…

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Quick and Easy Care Tips For Industrial Knives

Industrial knives are much different from the knives you would find in your kitchen drawer. Industrial knives are generally used to cut or shred an incredible variety of materials. From food and plastics to the toughest steels and non-ferrous materials, industrial knives and cutting edges are used to reduce the size and process all kinds…

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Questions Your Industrial Knife Manufacturer Should Be Asking

In granulating, pelletizing, and other industries that require industrial knives, it is easy to fall into an ordering rut. Daily work takes over, and organizations simply order the same knives over and over from the same industrial blade supplier they have been using for years instead of evaluating their cutting operation and looking for ways…

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