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Spadone Machine Blades

Tire and Rubber Blades for Spadone Hypex Machines

Sadone machines and machine blades are efficient cutters and processors of tire and rubber material used in the manufacturing of tire and rubber products. Spadone-Hypex also manufactures blades for the plastics and food processing industries. Many of the replacement blades made for after market users on Spadone machines are made of M-2 high speed inlay material that is in excess of 6 Rockwell on the "C" scale. This will increase the run life of the knives resulting in increased productivity, and therefore lower costs.

Carolina Knife Co. has extensive experience manufacturing, sharpening, and servicing Spadone blades for the tire and rubber industry. Knife manufacturing and service is a combination of technique and technology, which can only be acquired form years of being in the business. Many of these techniques hare passed down over the years enabling superior efficiency and therefore lower costs. Many times the cost of transportation to and from out plant costs more than the actual service of the blade being serviced, we are that efficient.

There a various lengths of the Spadone blades and cutters in the field. Contact us to see if we have documentation on your particular Spadone blade.