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Blade Sharpening

Call 1.800.520.5030 or request a quote today to inquire about our sharpening services. 

Industrial Blade SharpeningCarolina Knife Co. provides prompt sharpening on a regular basis as well as emergency sharpening as needed. Our precision grinding process helps to produce high quality new blades and ensures the best outcome when you need old blades resharpened. At the end of the sharpening process we perform a detailed inspection.

Carolina Knife Co.'s Maintenance Process

Score Cutting Roll and Sleeve Regrinding

Hardened Sleeve Regrinding

Along with sharpening almost any type of industrial blade, Carolina Knife Co. also specialized in resurfacing or regrinding hardened sleeves and shafts used in the shear and score cutting processes.


Additional Sharpening Information

We ensure your sharpened blades meet original manufacturer (OEM) specifications for concentricity or "roundness". We offer Certification and Inspection Documentation upon request.

Sharpening All Blade Types

20050823_162322.jpgOur industrial blade sharpening facility can handle almost any sharpening task. The following is merely a sampling of the sharpening, regrinding, and resurfacing jobs and blade types we routinely work with: film slitter blades, textile blades, anvil roll regrinding, anvil sleeve resurfacing, tire and rubber cutters and blades, razor slitter knives, score slitting anvil regrinding, and much more.

For further insight into our sharpening practices, review the following document. circular_knife_resharpening.pdf 

"Sharpening is our Specialty." - Wally Ashbrook, Carolina Knife CEO