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Score Knife Holders and Parts


Carolina Knife Co. provides a wide range of pneumatic score, hot score knife holders, and holder parts. We manufacture a wide range of spring loaded top knife holders, score knife holders, slitter blade holders, hot cut knife holders and assemblies, slitting knife holders, and all related parts. Stocked parts for knife holders include: cylinder housings, piston cups, piston forks, springs, stop blocks, axels, screws, spring pins, clamp pawls, spacers, tubes.



Carolina Knife Company carries a variety of Score Cutting Knife Holders for web slitting applications including Rewinders and Sheeters.

  •   Hot Cut Knife Assemblies
  •   Manual Adjust Score Knife Holders
  •   Pneumatic Air Knife Holders
  •   Pneumatic Holders
  • 3/8” & 1/2" wide standard, other sizes are available
  • Dove tail mounting