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Hardened Sleeves

Through Hardened Sleeves and Shafts

through_hardened_sleeve_1.jpgWe manufacture through-hardened sleeves and slitter knife shafts for all major equipment manufacturers, as well as custom sleeve and shaft designs to fit your specific cutting needs. Carolina Knife Co. knows through-hardening provides longer lasting, higher quality sleeves than traditional hardening methods. Order your stock or custom sleeves/shafts today.

Benefits of Hardened Rolls

A hardened roll can boost performance and enhance longevity of industrial slitters. Rolls that are appropriately hardened can be reground several times, without exposing the soft areas beneath the hardened surface. When the softer areas stay protected, the structural integrity of the roll is maintained, enabling it to continue operating for longer.

Made from chrome-alloy steel, our hardened rolls are rock solid. They come standard with a hardness of 63-64 RC, giving them the ability to stand up to any job you give them.

Through Hardened Sleeves

A through-hardened sleeve increases the life of your slitter blades and protects them from damage. That's why we through-harden all stock and custom sleeves at Carolina Knife Company. It's just one more way we look after the interests of our customers and help them protect their bottom lines. 

Replacing slitter blades can be costly. Naturally, this is something you want to do as infrequently as possible. This is why you should always choose sleeves that have been through-hardened to maximize their lifespan. You'll also want blades made from high-grade materials that are built to last.