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Top Slitter Blades


Top Slitter Blades

At Carolina Knife Co. we manufacture a wide range of top slitter blades for use in conversion equipment that utilizes the rotary shear or score cutting processes. We stock top slitter blades for a large selection of standard machines for the paper, film, foil, textiles and nonwoven industries. We manufacture custom slitter blades from a wide range of materials to fit your specific industrial cutting needs.

Types of Top Slitters

Top Slitters

Top slitter used in the shear slitting process can be described as dish shaped or flat, and can be single or double bevel (edge) or they can be square edged.

In the score cutting process there is only one blade involved, however because there are two surfaces the blade is often referred to as a top blade, with the roll or sleeve taking the place of the bottom blade. These top score blades are typically double bevel blades and can either have a continuous edge or be perforated blades to create a perforation in the material.

Other Names For Top Slitters

metalslitter.jpgTop slitter blades can also be called top knives, male knives, front blades, followed by knife, cutter, or slitter. If there is any confusion over the type of industrial blade you need please give our experienced sales staff a call. If your company uses blades in the processing or conversion of industrial products such as paper, film, foil, textiles, nonwoven materials, or any related material Carolina Knife is sure to make the blades you require. 
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