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Rotary Shear Slitters


Carbide Tipped Bottom Slitter Blades

Rotary shear slitting is the industrial equivalent to the cutting process used by a pair of scissors. In rotary shear slitting there are two cutting surfaces typically referred to as the top and bottom blades. These rotary slitter knives spin in opposite directions allowing a sheet of material to pass smoothly though the blades. Rotary shear slitting is used to shear a range of materials, and similarly there are a wide range of blade designs for both the top and bottom slitter blades. Blade material also varies depending on the material to be cut, cutting application, budgeting, and other factors. Carolina Knife Co. supplies a wide range of rotary cutting blade designs in all popular materials

Slitter Shafts

Slitter Shaft

Carolina Knife also manufactures slitter shafts. Give us a call to order a slitter shaft today.