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Blades By Cut Position


At Carolina Knife we manufacture a wide range of circular blades used in rotary, score, and razor cutting processes. In the case of rotary slitting there are two distinct blades, a top blade and a bottom blade. In score slitting there is a top blade and a hardened roll or sleeve. In burst cutting there is a single blade that cuts through the material with a razor slitting action. In any of the above cutting applications we can provide stock and custom blades to meet your specific cutting needs. Please select the appropriate circular blade from the list below. If you are looking for a straight blade please look under the cut type section of the site.

Top Slitters

Visit our Top Slitters page for more about the types of top blades we manufacture for the shear or score cutting.

Bottom Slitters

Visit our Bottom Slitters for more about our wide selection of bottom knives for shear slitting.

Burst or Razor Slitter Blades

Visit our Razor Slitters page for more about the types of razor slitters we manufacture.