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Tire and Rubber


pelletizertireblades.jpgCarolina Knife Co. manufactures a full line of knives for the tire manufacturing and rubber converting industries. Whether your manufacturing operation involves slitting and rewinding rubber, sheeting rubber, or any tire cutting processes involved in manufacturing tires, we haveyour blades and accessories.

Because of the unique physical characteristics of rubber, you will need a blade specifically designed for easily and predictably cutting of this difficult material. The industrial bladecustomcarbideblades_1.jpg specialists at Carolina Knife Co. have extensive experience in creating blades and cutters for rubber conversion and processing machinery, especially for the tire industry. We supply top quality replacement blades for conversion equipment at OEM discounted prices. We also offer custom and specialty blades to meet your specialized manufacturing needs.

chopperblades.jpgAlong with manufacturing knives and cutters we also offer prompt sharpening service at competitive rates with an industry leading turnaround time. Blade resharpening is a crucial part of our operation at Carolina Knife Co. not a secondary service.


 Tire and Rubber Blade Types we Manufacture:

The Highest Quality Materials

pelletizerblades.jpgWe use the highest quality grades of carbon steel and tungsten carbide in our tire cutting knives and rubber conversion cutters. One of these high quality carbon steel alloys is CPM 10V steel. CPM 10V is one of the most wear resistant steel available and can be a viable replacement for tungsten carbide when cost is a factor. 

If a carbide blade is better suited for your operation, then Carolina Knife Co. can fabricate it for you. Allow our engineers to assess the correct grade of carbide for your blade and help you determine if you need a solid carbide blade or if a carbide-tipped blade will be more economical for your business. Please contact us today to begin the process.

Hot Cut Knife for Tire and Rubber Cutting

Carolina Knife Co. manfactures a full line of hot knife blades used in the conversion of rubber and in tire cutting. Please visit our Hot Cut Knife page for more information.

Tire and Rubber Mill Knives

Tire and rubber mill knives are one of our specialties here at Carolina Knife Co. Visit our Mill Knives page for more information.

OEMs for Tire and Rubber Conversion

Akron Standard, Fischer, FMP-Rauma, Spadone Hypex, Steelastic, Stewart-Bolling, and VMI