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Paper Conversion


scoreslittersshafts.jpgCarolina Knife Co. offers top quality industrial blades to the paper conversion industry. Whatever your conversions process, from slitting and rewinding to sheeting to perforating, and material (tissue, standard paper, or cardboard) we offer the blades to get the job done right.

We manufacture stock blades for all major paper manufacturing equipment. If we can’t supply your blade need from our extensive inventory then we can rapidly deploy ourmultigroovebottom.jpgflexible blade-manufacturing department to create the custom or specialty blade for your specific cutting needs.

Carolina Knife Co. offers industrial blades in a wide range of high quality materials including all major types of carbon tool steel, tungsten carbide and ceramic. Contact Carolina Knife to order a high quality paper slitter or sheeter today.

Paper Conversion and Processing Blade Types:

High Quality Sheeter Knives

sheeterknives.jpgOur sheeter knives are held to a tolerance of .0005 of an inch from the back of the cutting edge and are produced according to OEM specifications from either solid steel or inlaid high speed steel.

We manufacture sheeter knives up to 230" in length.

OEMs for Paper Conversion

A & F, Appleton, Arpeco, Arrow, Ashton, Atlas Converting, Baumfolder, Beck, Beloit, Besco, Bielomatik, Black Clawson, Cameron, Clark Aiken, Datm, Didde-Graphics, Dusenbury, E.C.H. Will, E & L, Erwepa, Fulton, Goebel, Goss, Hamblett, Hamilton, Harris-Schriber, Jagenberg, Johnstone, Kampf, Kidder-Stacy, Koegel, Lamb-Grays Harbor, Langston, Lenox, Maxson, Moore & White, Muller Martini, Murray, Pasaban, PCM, PDI, Rosenthal, Rotatek, Sanden, Schmutz, Schreiber, South Worth, Stahl, Stevens, Tidland, Timson, Valmet, Wartsilla, and Witt