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Metal Processing

Carolina Knife Co. is a leading manufacturer of metal slitting and cutting blades for the steel converting industry. We also offer a complete sharpening service of metal cutting circular slitters and rectangular shear blades to the close tolerances that the industry requires.

Carolina Knife manufactures metal slitters and shear blades for most OEM equipment. Deliveries on this type part range from 4 to 8 weeks depending upon the size and tolerances involved in the knife, and the customer'smetalslitter.jpgspecific cutting needs.

Materials offered to manufacture these blades by include D-2 and M-2 tool steels as well as the Vanadis and powered metal grades of tool steel. We manufacture blades from solid carbide. Call today for more information.

Blades Supplied to the Metal Converts Include:

High Quality Slitter Knives

Our circular metal cutting shears are lapped to within + or - .0002 tolerance. Although we presently do not manufacture shimless tooling, in many instances standard tooling will suffice.

High Quality Metal Cutting Shears

Many types of shear blades are in stock and ready for shipment. Call and talk to our sales department today. Carbide inlay shears are available for some model machines.

Blade Sharpening

sharpeningmeasurements_300x225.jpgCarolina Knife Co. offers a complete sharpening service for the following parts:

  • Shear Blades
  • Circular Slitter Blades
  • Bow Tie Shears

Carolina Knife Co offers quick turnaround on sharpening. Two to three days is the typical turnaround time for sharpening.

OEMs for Metal Processing

Allsteel, Alsteele, Amada, American Hercules, Atlantic, Century, Cincinnati, Cleveland Crane, Deem, Di-Acro, Dreis & Krump, Edwards, Elga, Engel Industries, Famco, Henry Corporation, Herr-Voss, HTC, Hunter Engineering, Hydrapower, Ironworker, Lodge & Shipley, National Sheet Metal, Niagara, Pacific, Paco, Pearson, Pemco, Pexto, Polymer, Powermatic, Promecam, Pullmax, Red Bud Industries, Roper Whitney, Scottish, Spartanics, Tennsmith, Warner Swasey, Weir, Welty Way, Western Gear, Wysong, and Wysong & Miles