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Film and Foil Conversion


Along with offering top quality paper conversion blades, Carolina Knife Co. also offers scoreslittersshafts.jpgblades for the conversion of various types of film, foil, and related materials. We supply stock and custom blades to many of the industry leaders in film manufacturing.

Carolina Knife has extensive experience manufacturing blades for many of the most popular equipment manufactures in the film and foil conversion industries. We also specialize in creating custom industrial blades to meet the specific needs of our clients. Contact us today to begin.

Film and Foil Conversion Blades:

OEMs for Film and Foil Conversion

Arpeco, Arrow, Ashton, Atlas Converting, Baumfolder, Besco, Betenbender, Cameron, Datm, Didde-Graphics, Dusenbury, Goebel, Goss, Harris-Schriber, Johnstone, Kidder-Stacy, Muller Martini, Rotatek, Sanden, Schmutz, Schreiber, Stahl, Stevens, Tidland, and Timson