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Hot Knife Kits and Accessories

 The Carolina Knife Hot Cut Knife or "Industrial Rope Cutter" is made to cut separated synthetic material while sealing the edges. It is ideal for synthetic material like fabric, rope, webbing, and woven material. Unlike conventional scissors or a knife that leaves the edges frayed, the Hot Cut Knife melts the material together creating a clean sealed edge that will not unravel.  The Hot Cut Knife is also used to strip sleeves from most gages of electrical wiring. The Hot Cut Knife is easy to operate, heating up in 4-6 seconds by pressing the trigger. Once the blade is hot release the trigger and continue to cut. The blade will begin to cool after 10 to 15 seconds, press the trigger again for 4 to 6 seconds to continue cutting. Cycling the trigger on and off allows you to cut without having to stop for the blade to heat back up. The Hot Cut Knife is low power consumption and only draws 60 watts to operate, making it able to run easily from an inverter at building sites and remote locations.  

   The Hot Cut Knife works best when used on a clean hard service that is fire resistant (such as glass, stone, metal or concrete). The cutting foot attachment provides further support for making a smooth even cut. 


Note: This item is subject up to a 25% restocking fee and shipping cost if returned for any reason other than a warranty claim. Used R Blades are not returnable.


Carolina Knife Hot Knife Package Includes:


  • Carolina Knife Hot Knife Body
  • R Blade
  • Plastic Carrying Case
  • Wire Brush
  • Hex Key


Carolina Knife Hot Knife Specifications:

HEAT TIME: 4-6 seconds
WEIGHT: 950 g
POWER: Max 60 W
POWER CORD LENGTH: 9.5 ft. (2.9 m)
WARRANTY: 1 year warranty