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Hot Cut Blades and Holders

Carolina Knife Co. knife holder with hot knife/heat cut blade is offered with the same quality and ruggedness you have come to expect from over 30 years of Carolina Knife Co. ingenuity. The holder is designed with a fabricated steel pneumatic cylinder maintaining side wall integrity even at elevated temperatures. This holder employs the same mounting dimensions as all the Carolina Knife Co. European style holders, and can be interchanged on the 2.5 inch dovetail bars, as the need is dictated by your customers' cutting needs.   The holder comes standard with the same pneumatic connections Carolina Knife offers on all European style holders. Both holders are able to produce 55 pounds force when 90 PSI is applied to the holder. They are available with custom designed controllers feeding back knife temperature. Our controllers are capable of controlling the power to the knife. Web speeds are dependent on materials being slit and the rate of heat transfer. Carolina Knife Co. is happy to offer our customers slitting solutions to the highest speeds and the narrowest slit widths in the converting industry. The Carolina Knife Co. 3/8 holder is capable of slitting down to 3/8 inch (.375 inches) slit widths whether slitting film or woven synthetic materials. This style holder allows the binding together (sealing) synthetic woven material slit edges, through the 1750 F (750 C) heat element.  When you are looking for slitting industry knowlege, call Carolina Knife Co.