E & L Top and Bottom Knives

E & L slitting blades are durable cutters designed to fit specific slitting units. Most commonly used to cut textiles, the are made of M2 high speed steel, they are hardened to 61-63 Rockwell C-scale.

Rotary shear cutting uses two cutting surfaces typically referred to as TOP and BOTTOM blades. These rotary slitter knives spin in opposite directions allowing a sheet of material to pass smoothly through the blades, similar to a pair of scissors.

Rotary shear slitting is used to cut a wide range of materials, and similarly there are a wide range of blade designs for both the top and bottom slitter blades. The blade material varies depending on the material to be cut, cutting application, budgeting, and other factors. Carolina Knife supplies a wide range of rotary cutting blade designs in all popular materials.


  • E & L  Top Knife
  • 4.091 OD X 2.167 ID X 0.591
  • M2 Material
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Erhardt & Leimer is a leader in creating the most advanced cutting technology systems that offer the highest cutting accuracy. You can keep your cutting systems in tip-top shape by replacing dull and worn blades with E & L Slitter Knives from Carolina Knife Co.

  • This bottom circular blade is made with long-lasting M2 material
  • Improves cutting accuracy for various applications
  • Manufactured to exact OEM specifications
  • Not what you’re looking for? Contact us about our custom industrial blades

Carolina Knife Co. manufacturers high-quality replacement slitter knives for E & L cutting systems. We manufacture this bottom circular knife using high-speed steel material. For assistance finding the blade right for your cutting machinery, contact us.

  • OEM: Erhardt & Leimer
  • OEM Part #: 1039
  • Measurements: 3.031 OD X 1.772 ID X 1.180
  • Compatible with Erhardt & Leimer equipment
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  • E & L Bottom Knife
  • 3.031 OD  X 1.770 ID X  0.786
  • D2 Material
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  • E & L Slitter
  • 3.700 OD X 2.165 ID X 0.205
  • M2 Material
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  •  E & L Bottom Knife
  • 3.460 OD X 2.165 ID X 0.470
  • M2 Material
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  • E & L Single Bevel Slitter
  • 7.874 OD X  1.575 ID  X  0.087 
  • M2 Material
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