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Kidder-Stacy Bottom Slitter Blades

Kidder-Stacy is an old established converting name here in the United States. Carolina Knife Co. manufactures a line of bottom slitter knives for the Kidder Stacy from 52100 and D-2 material. Most of these bottom knives have an O.D. of less than 5 inches, and in most cases are manufactured from 52100 material.

It is possible to manufacture these blades from M-2 or powered metal material, but because of the run speeds of the machine it would not be cost effective. Sharpening of the Kidder Stacy blades is a simple task that we often perform at Carolina Knife Co. The delivery of resharpened Kidder Stacy blades usually runs 2 to 3 days turnaround time. Carolina Knife uses coolant on all of its sharpening machines so burning is not an issue.