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Jagenberg Paper Slitter Blades and Sheeter Knives

Jagenberg Machine Company is a manufacturer and supplier of paper mill and paper converting equipment. Carolina Knife Company manufactures a line of top and bottom slitter blades as well as sheeter knives for this machinery. All Jagenberg equipment is considered to be state of the art high speed paper converting and manufacturing equipment.

Caroling Knife Company’s specialty product in the Jagenberg line of blades is the multi-groove bottom knife block. These bottom knives can be either single or double cutting edge and made from D2 or 52100 tool steel. The Rockwell C-scale hardness on all these knives is approximately 60-62. We also manufacture carbide tipped blades for Jagenberg paper converting machinery.

Along with manufacturing a full line of paper slitter blades for Jagenberg paper machinery, Carolina Knife Co. also specializes in sharpening and regrinding these blades. Sharpening is one of our specialties, not a sideline business. Contact us today to schedule a sharpening job for your Jagenberg slitter or sheeter blades.

Jagenberg is often associated with the Bielomatik line of slitter blades because these two paper converting companies merged several years ago. For more information on the Jagenberg and Bielomatik line of paper slitter blades please visit: www.bielomatik.com.