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Hamblett Sheeter and Slitter Knives

Hamblett is a name that is associated with straight blade “stop” cutters used primarily in sheeting paper products and their derivatives. In post World War II America Hamblett was a name common throughout the paper making industry.

Almost all Hamblett sheeters are made from T-1 High Speed Steel, or what is commonly called inlay product. T-1 can cut for long periods of time without needing sharpening and has proved an efficient and durable material from which to manufacture these types of blades. Carolina Knife Co. stocks much of the T-1 inlay material needed to manufacture Hamblett sheeters and can resharpen these blades to a like new condition.

Slitter blades are also used on many Hamblett machines to trim the edges of rolls of paper as it is sheeted to size. Carolina Knife Co. can manufacture and sharpen these Hamblett slitter blades as needed by our customers.