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Goebel Shear Slitter Blades

The Goebel slitter rewinder is a machine manufactured in Germany designed to convert webs of paper, film, and foil materials to smaller widths. It uses a shear slitter knife design and is considered fast and easy to set up. Carolina Knife Co. manufactures and services the blades needed to operate this machine.

Most Goebel slitter blades are maintained in stock at the Asheville, NC facility. They are stocked in both D-2 and 52100 materials and can usually be shipped on the same day the order is placed. All Goebel bottom slitters manufactured by Carolina Knife Co. are lapped for thickness to a + or - .0002 tolerance so an accumulated slit error will not occur, because it will not be built into the set-up. Closer tolerances on the overall lapped thickness can be held.

Sharpening of all Goebel slitters can usually be completed in the same day at the Carolina Knife Co. plant. Care is taken to maintain the close tolerances needed time after time to set-up the Goebel slitter machine. Carolina Knife Co. uses only the most effective abrasives to manufacture and resharpen Goebel slitters, and then only to OEM specifications.