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Fischer Slitter Blades

Fischer blades, both straight and circular slitters and manufactured from high quality tool steel, hardened to the proper Rockwell C scale. This generation of equipment is considered to be on the leading edge of the tire and rubber manufacturing industry.

The Fischer tire and rubber manufacturing equipment is a fine piece of manufacturing equipment. Carolina Knife Co. manufactures the circular 7.00 inch O.D. square edge slitter blades from both steel and solid carbide material. This style of slitter blade has proven to be a workhorse in the manufacturing of tire and rubber products. Carolina Knife Co. stocks this blade in D-2, powered metal and solid carbide material.

The sharpening of the Fischer style slitter blades is done by Carolina Knife Co. on wet surface grinders to prevent the burning of any surface. The rotary 7.00 inch O.D. Fischer is sharpened on a rotary CNC surface grinder. All OEM surface finish and dimensional tolerances are maintained. Most of the sharpening can be perform in just a few days, and emergency sharpening service can be performed if needed.