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E.C.H. Will Slitter and Sheeter Blades

When you talk about high speed paper mill production in the post World War II era, E.C.H Will comes to the forefront of conversation. Carolina Knife Co. manufactures and services both the slitter blades and the sheeter blades needed in the high speed converting process. Because of the operational speed involved in this paper cutting process, close manufacturing tolerances are needed for these blades.

All of the E.C.H. Will cutting blades are made from a minimum of D-2 tool steel. As time has passed, more and more of the blades have moved up to CPM 10V powered metal type materials. This is to ensure a longer run life once the highly technical set up of the blades has been established. The ECH Will sheeter knives, in some instances and carbide tipped to further increase the run life of the blade.

These blades like most others can be resharpened, but tight tolerances must be upheld. Closer tolerance jigs and fixtures must be built to maintain these tolerances. At Carolina Knife Co., it takes only a few days to complete this sharpening since we already have the jigs and fixtures built to perform the process. All blades are sharpened using coolant to keep the blades from burning.