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CPM 10V Cold Work Steel

CPM 10V is one of the toughest, most wear-resistant tool steels available. It is produced using the patented CPM (Crucible Particle Metallurgy) process. To manufacture CPM powdered metal, the molten metal is pumped through a small nozzle and gas atomized to produce a fine powder. This powder is filtered through a screen, poured into steel containers, and heated to solidify the contents into one mass.

CPM 10V was introduced for commercial use in 1978. Since then it has become the standard for high wear applications. It was designed to provide high wear resistance while retaining outstanding toughness. Note: Its toughness is equal to M2 and D2 steels, yet it has significantly increased wear resistance compared to traditional steels.

CPM 10V provides a cost-effective replacement for carbide, especially in situations where tungsten carbide is not tough enough and tool breakage or edge chipping is a concern.

CPM 10V is also referred to as CPM-10V and CPM10V.

Chemical Characteristics