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Clark Aiken Sheeter Knives

Clark Aiken sheeter knives are sharpened, serviced, and manufactured by Carolina Knife Co. The longest Clark Aiken sheeter knife is 88 inches long. The top blade is pie shaped and the bottom knife is rectangular in shape.

Material on this type knife is almost exclusively T-1 High Speed Steel, hardened to a Rockwell of 62-64 Rockwell on the C scale. M-2 steel is sometimes used in the inlay of the cutting edge. The difference is run life of the cutting set up. Most manufacturers find it advantageous to use the better grade T-1 High Speed Steel.

When running, this top and bottom knife cutting combination make a clicking sound as the blades touch slightly together and cut the web material. For this reason – this set up is also know as a stop cutter, because for a split second, right at the cut point and at the moment of impact the cutters “stops” to perform the work it was designed to do.