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Cameron Slitter Blades

Cameron machines, including slitter rewinders, have been a mainstay in the converting industry for many decades. The rights to this machine have recently been purchased by GL&V (GLV), and they maintain a stock of parts, including spare slitter blades for this machine in their stock.

Carolina Knife Co. also stocks and manufactures slitter blades, and other knives for the Cameron machine. The steel types range form 52100 to D-2 steel and also some carbide materials. The score cut Cameron machines can also be fitted to hot cut the material with very little changeover from the existing score cut set-up.

There are Cameron machines in the field that can score cut, rotary shear cut, and razor cut. Not at the same time but with a change of tooling; all on the same machine. Cameron machines are primarily used in the converting of paper, film and foil.

Carolina Knife can manufacture blades for each step in the converting process, including the three aforementioned methods of slitting. We maintain a wide range of replacement blades in stock ready to go.