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Calemard Slitter, Rewinder Blades

The Calemard system is used in the many different textile converting applications. This style of blade is used in both conventional and specialty types of slitting. Most of the Calemard slitter blades are made from high quality tool steels and precision ground to exacting tolerances.

Many of the Calemard blades Carolina Knife Co. manufactures are made from M-2 tool steel and hardened to a Rockwell of 62-64 Rockwell C scale. This is to insure a long, productive run life during the material manufacturing process.

Carolina Knife Co stocks some Calemard blades. Others can be manufactured quickly from its own steel stock that we maintain on the floor at all times. The Calemard Machine is a fine machine that great blades only make better. Carolina Knife Co. can supply those blades.