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Black Clawson Paper Slitter Blades

Black Clawson has a storied history in the manufacture of paper making machinery. Carolina Knife manufactures many Black Clawson roll splitters and paper slitter blades for paper mills across the globe. These blades are manufactured form 4150 material and hardened to a Rockwell of 58-60 on the C scale.

Our plant in Hamilton Ohio manufactures Black Clawson pelletizer knives that are used in the production of plastic pellets in the oil refining industry. These blades are made form D-2 tool steel and hardened to a Rockwell of 58-60 on the C scale. In addition to the manufacture of the blades we also can do maintenance work on the extrusion heads that the molten plastic passes through.

Black Clawson slitter blades are designed to perform as a high speed roll slitting mechanism that can convert a roll of paper, off the paper machine, in rapid order. Blades manufactured by Carolina Knife Co. are used in many instances on these machines and are designed to perform at high speeds.

Black Clawson, Inc is a subsidiary of Kadant, Inc located in Westford, MA. To learn more visit: