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Bielomatik Paper Sheeter Blades

The Bieloatik is a European style cutter that specializes in high speed cutting and converting, especially sheeting of paper and related materials. Bielomatik sheeter knives and other Bielomatik blades can be manufactured from tool steel, ceramic or carbide. The productivity of this type machinery is much greater than the older style of paper converting equipment, and therefore the tolerances required are much more exact.

After World War II many fine European machines began to enter the United States paper converting market to fill the need of a high production machine and blades at a reasonable price. These cutters still offer superior cutting speeds at a reasonable price.

The material that the Bielomatik sheeter blades are manufactured from is largely D-2 steel. Although carbide inlay sheeters are sometimes used to increase run time and productivity.

The Bielomatik product line is often associated with the Jagenberg paper conversion company. Carolina Knife manufactures blades for both of these companies as well as many other paper conversion OEMs, listed below. Bielomatik sheeter blades are sometimes referred to as folio sheeters.

For more information about Bielomatik Inc, located in New Hudson, MI visit: