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Beloit Paper Machine Blades

Top and Bottom Slitters for Beloit Technology Paper Machines

Beloit top and bottom paper slitter blades are manufactured from grades 52100 through powered metal quality materials. Beloit, Lenox and GL&V (GLV) all provide OEM equipment for the converting industries, especially the paper industry. Carolina Knife Co. manufactures and sharpens blades for all these machines and many other OEMs from the paper conversion industry and other related industries.

The cutting tip or edge of bottom knives can be manufactured from carbide material, which will greatly increase run life. Powdered metal is not as common on bottom knives as it is on top slitter knives, but can be a cost effective alternative to either carbide or ceramic material.

Choosing the right style of high speed paper manufacturing equipment and blades is essential to getting the most out of your manufacturing process. Style refers to all elements of what is inherent in the tool, including material, hardness, cutting angle, or edge sharpness. Allow the experts at Carolina Knife Co. to help you find the correct style of blade for your individual needs.

Metso Paper Acquired Beloit Technology Corporation

In 2000 Metso Paper Company acquired Beloit Technology Corp including to following Beliot Corp assets: roll servicing / covering (Beloit-Manhattan), paper machine after market, and paper machine technology.